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LADABC History

At LADABC, we bring to this camp some of baseball's finest professionals as coaches, assistant coaches and trainers. We strive to ensure that campers have every available opportunity to get to know the coaches and fellow campers, both on and off the field, each and every day.  We labor to continue to uphold the camp traditions of the past, while exploring new ways to improve the experience for all. In short, camp is now better than ever. 


In 2008, the Los Angeles Dodgers moved from its historic Spring Training home in Vero Beach, FL. With that move, the Adult Baseball Camp (commonly known as "Fantasy Camp") came to an end. It was a tradition that had lasted more than 25 years.

Historic Dodgertown sign.jpg

Veteran campers were greatly saddened by the loss of this long-held tradition for it meant the discontinuation of the fantastic camaraderie and memorable baseball experiences they had come to know and love. They inquired as to when the Dodgers would be holding camp again, but it appeared that the Dodgers organization had no plans to reinstate the camp. Then, in 2011, thanks to a group of dedicated veteran campers whose combined experience equaled more than 70 camps, fantasy camp was brought back to life, independent of the Dodgers, when LADABC was born. Through the efforts of LADABC management, fans of both the Dodgers and Yankees met for the first time in camp competition at Vero Beach. Coaches and campers alike commented that this was the best camp they had ever attended.


Building on the success of the 2011, dedicated camp veterans and coaches attempted to bring the experience to the Dodgers new Spring Training home at Camelback Ranch.  Unfortunately after a two year effort, it was just not to be.  So camp took on a SoCal feel as Dodgers and Angels campers joined an All Star coaching staff in Tucson, AZ in January, 2014. Dodgers greats Rick Monday, Tommy Davis, Jerry Reuss, Bill Russell, Jeff Torborg and Ken Landreaux were joined by former Angels Clyde Wright, Rick Reichardt, Mickey Hatcher, Dino Ebel and Tim Salmon as Dodgers and Angels campers put on a friendly competition.

After two sessions in Tucson, AZ, camp returned to its roots with a reunion session at that historic complex in Vero Beach now called the Jacking Robinson Training Complex and operated by Major League Baseball.  Despite COVID restrictions and interruptions by weather and a hurricane, camper enthusiasm for this grand-daddy of baseball fantasy events remains sky high.

One of the underlying missions of this event has been to support at risk youth, underserved families, and various charities near and dear to the participants and staff of these camps.  To better serve that mission, following the 2022 camp, LADABC was restructured as a California nonprofit corporation.  Camp and a spring time mini tournament in Las Vegas now serve as LADABC's major fundraising events. 


Veteran camper Mark Stone, who has over 10 years of experience working with former fantasy camp administrators, a lifetime of experience playing ball and now over 11 year operating LADABC, remains at the helm to ensure that every participant's experience lives up to the tradition established in 1983 and carried forward for over 50 camps and 25 years.  Stoney has His passion for baseball and his desire to share the extraordinary camp experience with his fellow ball players is what fuels his desire to make each camp even better than the last. 

Many say that fantasy camp is the best experience of their lives. Come JOIN US at camp and experience it for yourself!

LADABC Adult Baseball Camp

"The Ultimate Baseball Fantasy"

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