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Photo Gallery

We are happy to share the camp experience with you.  If you attended any of the sessions and would like to share your photos with us, please contact us so we can arrange to receive them.


Camper introductions. An opening night tradition.

The Coaches. Back Row (L to R): Marty Reed, Rick Monday, Garey Ingram, Juan Bustabad, Dino Ebel, Steve Yeager, Bill Russell, Jerry Reuss, Dale Torborg. Front Row (L to R): Clyde Wright, Ken Landreaux, Tommy Davis, Phil Cohen (camper) Jeff Torborg, Rick Reichardt.

Locker room rap sessions.

First day infield instruction followed by drills

Outfield pointers too

Mid day draft and the teams are set

Jerry instructs all in some essential locker room etiquette.

And all take it quite seriously.

Bye team gets additional practice including BP and some invaluable hitting instructions from Tommy Davis.

Angel insight from Dino and a preview of the 2015 starting line up.

Rick Reichardt and some thought about the early days with the Angels

What would the week be like without Clyde and Kangaroo Court

Tommy Davis' All-Stars

Jeff Torborg's All-Stars



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