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Stretching Guide

Preparation for camp can't start too early and yes, the key word is "STRETCH"! Get those muscles loosened up and working. Walk a little, maybe a few sprints here and there but by all means stretch. It's good for camp and your general health as well. 


Below are some recommended guidelines and suggested stretches to help you get started.  If you have any health issues or concerns, you should consult your physician before beginning any workout or physical activity.


  1. Start slow, work at your own pace. 

  2. Stretching should be done daily. 

  3. If you stretch you will become flexible, but any segment of the body may be tighter than another and may require more time and effort to obtain optimum flexibility.

  4. You must concentrate. Think about the muscle you are stretching and why it is important for baseball.

  5. Go to the point where you feel a slight stretch, hold that until the feeling changes. Then stretch a little further, always feel a little tension.

  6. DO NOT BOUNCE! Stretching also releases muscle tension, which will help you to relax mentally and physically. Learn how to hold positions in a relaxed state. If you cannot hold a position because the stretch is too great, ease up a bit.

  7. Breathe normally throughout all the stretches.

  8. Do not stretch so far that you experience joint pain.

  9. A cramp is not normal. Cramping indicates sever tightness or weakness. Contact your physician if this occurs more than sporadically.

  10. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds. Each of these stretches has been designed for a slow, steady stretch, NO BOUNCING!


Remember, start slow and work at your own pace. It’s also a good idea to INCLUDE SPRINTING in your daily stretching routine.

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