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Help support LADABC, be a sponsor of an event. 

Here are our sponsor packages:



  • 1 banner (approx 1.5'x2') in locker room

$1000 - SINGLE

  • 1 banner (approx 1.5'x2') in locker room

  • 1 (approx 3'x4') banner displayed on field/dugout fence playing fields


$2500 - DOUBLE

  • Single Package plus

  • Signed Camp ball

  • Logo/name credit on website for 1 year from start of sponsorship

  • Logo/name credit on any printed material (emails, camp handouts, etc) and social media (videos, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.)


$5000^ - TRIPLE

  • Double Package

  • 1 Super Fan participation in event

  • Name and small logo on PotatoHead award and acknowledgement of sponsor before awards each night.  If multiple sponsors, then total PotatoHeads will be proportioned among them.

  • 16x20 Photo of and signed by all camp coaches


$10,000*^ - HOME RUN

  • Double Package

  • 1 Camper participation in event 

  • Bat Signed by all coaches (MLB experienced)

  • 16x20 Photo of and signed by all camp coaches

  • Acknowledgement at Awards Banquet when Hitting Champ is announced.


$25,000*^ - GRAND SLAM (1 only)

  • Double Package

  • 1 Additional Camper participation

  • Choice of Jersey or Bat signed by all coaches (MLB experienced)

  • 2 signed 8x10 photos of the coaches (or groups of coaches) of choice. 

  • 4 tickets 2023 Dodger Game (excludes Opening Day and any Playoff/WS games)

  • Meet and Greet with Rick Monday and tour of Press Box after game.

  • Acknowledgement at Awards Banquet when MVP is announced.


^  For Fan or Camper participation, single occupancy accommodations will be provided if available at the time camp begins.


*   Sponsor (or sponsor's designee) may attend Awards Night Banquet, will be  acknowledged during the MVP award presentation.  Sponsor's accommodations (single occupancy if available) for up to 3 nights included - this in addition to any Camper and/or Fan participation included with the package.

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