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Las Vegas Sign Up

Terms and Conditions:


Payment:   Full payment is due at the time of sign up.

Cancellation:  I understand that I have the right to cancel my participation and that my cancellation must be in writing and sent to LADABC no later than 30 days before the first day of the Tournament ("Cancellation Date").  I also understand that if I cancel timely, I will receive a refund of all payments made, less a $30.00 administrative cancellation fee. No refunds, credits or transfers will be made if I cancel after the Cancellation Date.

Physical Condition: I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would prevent me from participating in LADABC's Vegas Tournament. 

Emergency Treatment: I authorize LADABC to act for me in any emergency requiring medical attention. I understand that should I incur any injury my insurance company will be the primary insurer and LADABC's limited medical insurance will be secondary.

Liability Release and Hold Harmless: I hereby agree to release and hold harmless the FACILITY, its owners,, officers, members, directors, lessors, lessees, and LADABC and its owners, members, directors, officers, representatives, agents, successors, and assigns, from and against any and all claims or liabilities to me or anyone else for any injuries or illness whatsoever including, without limitation to, injuries to my person, and/or property, arising out of or incident to my participation in the LADABC Vegas Tournament.

Photographs: I understand that LADABC retains the rights to any photographs taken of adult campers during their stay at the camp and that such photographs and other information may be used for publicity, advertising and other promotions for LADABC's events and activities.

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