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Ever since its inception, participants in the Dodger's Adult Baseball Camp supported various local organizations and charities with proceeds from camp sales, Kangaroo Kourt and memorabilia auctions.  Since LADABC resurrected the event in 2011 and going forward, we've continued that support.  We have now been formally recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit charity. Your help and support may be tax deductible.Annually we will continue to donate to deserving charities and organizations throughout the country involved in various giving and charitable activities from cancer and ALS research to support, education and care of "at risk" youth and underserved families.  We hope you'll help support this cause by attending one or both of our Fundraising Events, sponsor an Event and/or become a sustaining member of LADABC.


Our primary fundraising effort will continue to be the Annual Adult Baseball Camp (Fantasy Camp). Beginning in 2023, a second baseball event has been added as LADABC assumes operations of the annual Las Vegas Reunion Tournament.  This event had its inception in 1990 and brings together fantasy campers and adult baseball players from around the country for a 3-day baseball tournament in Las Vegas, NV.And finally, we will look to individual and corporate donations and sponsorships to support these events and the mission of LADABC.


Here is a list of just a few of the organizations and charities we have supported: 

ABC Hopes, Inc. -

The Angel Fund For ALS Research -

Congregation Beth Shalom -

East Valley Youth Baseball -

El Paso Border Youth Athletic Association -

Higher Ground -

Los Alamitos Youth Center -

Tommy’s Angels - Tommy Day Jr. Foundation -

11:11 A Creative Collective -

Desert Oasis High School - Las Vegas, NV

Downey High School - Downey, CA

Durango High School - Las Vegas, NV

Valley Torah High School - Valley Village, CA


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