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Q.  I haven't played baseball since I was a kid. Will I still be able to participate? 
A.  Yes, absolutely. Our campers come in all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities. When you last played or even if you have ever played is not a criteria. You are not alone. There are many in your situation as well as those who are still playing some organized baseball. Just be honest in the self evaluation on the application . The coaches and staff take this into consideration when setting the teams and to spread all abilities to each team and make sure the teams are as equal as possible. 

Q.  What do I need to bring? 

A.  Bring your own baseball glove, shoes (rubber or steel spikes although metal cleats are not permitted on the turf field or in the 42 building so turf shoes in addition to metal cleats are highly recommended) and athletic undergarments for play at the fields and leisure clothes and bathing suit for back at the hotel. The dress for the week off the fields is casual. 

Q.  Are family and friends allowed to attend camp? 

A.  Yes. We have a fan package that will allow family and friends to be with you throughout your camp experience. Access to the locker room and the actual playing fields is restricted but they can sit in the stands and root you on and of course, join you at breakfast and dinner. Space is limited however and spouses do receive priority.

Q.  Can we get autographs and take pictures? 

A.  Absolutely. The coaches are always happy to autograph that baseball or photo - well ok, maybe not during the pressure of a game or while they are taking a shower. We will have a professional photographer present to get that treasured group shot or maybe even your moments of glory. A digital copy of all your photos are included in your camp package. Prints can be made and available the next day at a small extra charge so you can get it autographed as well. And of course, you can take all your own photos. 

Q.  Do I need a car for transportation? 

A.  A car is optional but not necessary. All camp activities are within walking distance from the on site hotel rooms.  
If you don't find your answers here, drop us an email at and we'll get you those answers.
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